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So I work at Barnes & Noble and the other day this woman came up with a few books that included 50 Shades of Grey. As I was ringing her up, she points to 50 Shades and says “Have you read that? Do you know what it’s about?”. 

I looked at her a little funny and said, “Do you really not know?”, because most of the people who buy 50 Shades or it’s sequels seem to know exactly what they’re buying, and it’s talked about so much, it amazed me that someone could have no idea. 

She says “No, my friend loves it and told me to read it, but I really have no idea what it’s about.”

So, as nicely as I can because my boss is standing right next to me, I try to explain that it’s porn without actually saying that it’s porn, which sounds along the lines of “Well, it’s a very Twilight-esque romance novel, but the reason that everyone has been talking about it is because it is very graphic. It has a lot more sex scenes…” 

But before I can finish she looks shocked and almost yells, “Wait, is this porn?!” 

And I go “Well, yeah,” kind of awkwardly because now I’m worried that I’m dealing with some sort of porn-hating modest-sensibilities type, but she cuts me off again and says,

"I can get porn for free on the internet, why the fuck would I want to pay for it? I am going to kill her!" and then tells me to take 50 Shades out because she’s not going to buy it. 

It kind of made my day.

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